Erin Heaton Music Note ArtIt all started with a quarter note, a dotted eighth note, and a tie.

A face stared back at me. A simple smiley, but a face nonetheless. It’s amazing how our brains are wired to recognize faces anywhere.

That simple smiley evolved into cats with sharp whiskers, girls with curly treble clef hair, and guys with forte mustaches. I believe music art can be fun and sophisticated at the same time. And serious musicians deserve more than a treble clef on a set of swooping staff lines.

My prints and greeting cards make delightful surprises for those hard-to-buy-for musicians in your life. All of my prints are available in easy-to-frame sizes. Classic black and white complements any style of decor. Perfect for your music room!

Beginning in fall 2015, my music note art can be seen on Kanro brand candy packaging in Japan (and they even made a TV commercial!).

About Erin Heaton

Erin HeatonI started selling music art in January 2014 after being frustrated with a lack of music-related art options. My brother is a professional musician and professor, and I was always trying to find unique music gifts for him. Problem was, most of what I saw was frumpy, too feminine, too juvenile, or looked more like computer clip art than actual art. I could never find anything fun, modern, or that an adult might actually want to hang up in their home, so I decided to make it myself.

I have always been an artist, and have a natural talent for seeing potential in existing shapes and how they fit together. The response to my music art has been overwhelming, and I’ve since sold thousands of prints and cards.

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